Smells Like Sour

Three Days Grace - Just Like You

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PostPosted: November 2, 2003 10:24 AM 

Not bad... If we need another song to get SLS to 80 minutes, this tune wouldn't be completely out of place.


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PostPosted: November 7, 2003 7:55 PM 

I just want to say i went down to see them last night with nickleback, and trapt. at the palace.nov, 6th, they were fuckin aswome!!!! I got to MEET THEM!! THERE WERE HOT!!!! got them to sign my ticket!! I got to hug them!!!!! it was so totally aswome!!!! i personally think the singer was the hottest!!! AND HE SAID I WAS CUTE!!!! lots of luv to him!!!!!i like the song 'i hate everything about you" and "just like you" all of them !!!


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PostPosted: November 8, 2003 9:43 AM 

Yeah, the singer's the hottest.


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PostPosted: November 8, 2003 10:51 PM 

lol i know now that its true.... two minds do think alike Wink lolol
luv ya lots chris


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PostPosted: December 1, 2003 6:56 PM 

omg!!three days grace is the best band in the world!! im like obsessed with them ok! ever since i heard the song "i h8 everything about u" i'd play it over and over again..i love adam's voice!!all of the dudes in the band are soo talented!!I think it's ssso awsome that thier canadien and i really look up to them because some of the members came from a very small town, and i live in a small town too, so i think that's pretty cool.I bought their CD and it's sso wicked!I listen 2 it everyday.IF ANYONE FINDS OUT IF THEIR COMING TO NOVA SCOTIA OR NEW BRUNSWICK, PLZ E-MAIL !!OR POST IT SUMWHERE PLZ MAN!!they're my fav fucking band!!~KaTiE~


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PostPosted: December 3, 2003 10:25 AM 

Hey I was lucky enough to meet and hang out with Brad at a radio show in Oct. for like 12 hours and we hung out and then they invited me to see them w/ Nickelback later the next week and I got to hang out w/ them again and see their show complete w/ lights and Barry and agree it was awesome. Then they came to Austin a couple of weeks ago and were headlining and that show was the best they all played really well and a whole hour of Three Days Grace is always great, I didn't get to hang out that night but I got to talk to Brad for a few and then hung out w/ Kenny their tour manager/sound guy and had a good time. My friend and I drove to Dallas the next night on a whim and missed the show, but got to talk to Kenny, and Chris their drum tech. We were just crazy to drive 3 hours at 10:30 at night so it was all good- keep telling your friends about 3DG b/c they are super nice and obviously talented and work very hard I am lucky to have had the chance to hang out w/ them a few times- Their website has the tour schedule and they will be all over Canada in January and February so hopefully you will get to see them.


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PostPosted: January 18, 2004 4:32 PM 

I love ur site web and I love so much three days grace team


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PostPosted: February 19, 2004 12:54 AM 

saw em last night in peterborough. they were great. very insightful, the song writer.


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PostPosted: March 5, 2004 8:52 PM 

i want to go to a cosert
Very Happy


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PostPosted: March 16, 2004 10:23 PM 

three days grace is one of my fav bands. They ROCK!!! Laughing


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PostPosted: March 28, 2004 2:42 AM 

Three days grace~~*~ Very Happy
Three days grace is so awesome I too love them..But I was disapointed a couple months ago when i went to see nickelback and Three days grace was the opening band they didnt sound that great.. Sad But I just think the guitar was droaning out there voice sorry three days grace but I still love you..Maybe it was just the place!! Wink


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PostPosted: March 28, 2004 2:46 AM 

Three days grace~*~
Me again...YOUR got to meet them I could of too,But they didnt say when and I missed it I was so dissapointed!!Just like you is my fav song and Adam the main Singer Is soo hot,your lucky you got a hug lmao..I wish I did But Nickelback is my fav band I wish I could of met them Crying or Very Sad ,but meh..Three days grace your on your way to being awesome not that u arent already Very Happy

Poo head

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PostPosted: March 30, 2004 8:02 PM 

i think that u should let the person heat the song and then ket thenm vote

Oscar La bong

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PostPosted: April 9, 2004 3:46 PM 

OMFG i just went to there concert yesterday and i luved it i got all there autographs and i LUVVV Brad hes sooo beautiful Very Happy Embarassed Razz Cool Rolling Eyes


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PostPosted: April 10, 2004 1:10 AM 

~Three dyas grace~

mr. Big

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PostPosted: April 22, 2004 9:46 PM 

I dont want to be insulting. But you are kind of being fangirls/fanguys. *cough cough* I enjoy the music but i hate people who stay stuff like. Teh r teh gratesse.
Just like you is an aweosme though. Because the music video and song expresses individuality.


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PostPosted: April 23, 2004 3:18 PM 

I love Three Days Grace very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It is my favorite band........but I have one serious problem-I am living in Russia Sad Sad Sad It is no album of Three Days Grace in my country Sad Sad Sad Please,tell me a website when I can download songs of Three Days Grace.......I found one?but it is only one song "I Hate Everything About You" Sad
P.S Sorry for my English


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PostPosted: April 24, 2004 4:28 AM 

Hey all... 3DG rocks, I met them when they came to my hometown about 5 months ago they invited me to their concert with backstage, and I have been to 7 more concerts since then, Hung out with them on their bus and all that other good stuff, If you dont have the self-titled debut album GO AND GET IT! The entire cd is FUCKING AWESOME! Rock on!


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PostPosted: April 24, 2004 5:37 PM 

~*~Three days grace~*~
Steph your lucky(*)


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PostPosted: April 26, 2004 9:02 PM 

Hey i love 3dg so much!!!im there biggest fan fer sure!!!!!man i would do anything just to meet them or even see them!!i love you guyz!!!and everyone buy there cd!its soo awsume Razz luv yah


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PostPosted: April 28, 2004 4:11 PM 

3dg rockz they r the awsme ulike u idiotz

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